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Karakul lake (GBAO)

Karaart village Karakul lake
Nomad's Land

Gorno-BadakhshanTajikistan • 3914 m

Kara-Kul, Karakul or Qaraqul (Tajik: Қарoкул, black lake) is an endorheic lake in the northern part of the Tajik Pamir. The 380 km2 lake is 3 914 m above sea level, and because of its endoreism, its salinity prevents virtually any form of life from developing except at the mouths of rivers. A peninsula from the south separates the lake into two basins: a shallow basin (13 to 19 m) and a second basin to the west with a depth of up to 238 m. The lake was formed by the impact of a meteorite about 25 million years ago, leaving a huge crater.

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