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Akbaital pass (Ak-Baital)

M41 - Ak-Baital pass
Nomad's Land

Gorno-BadakhshanTajikistan • 4655 m

Akbaital, Kyrgyz word meaning "white mare" is a pass of the Eastern Pamirs, located on the M41 motorway between Osh and Murghab. The height of the pass is 4655 meters. The highest point of the Pamir Highway. The pass is open all year round and it connects the Sarykolsky and Muzkol ridges and separates the Karakul Lake Basin from the upper reaches of the South Akbaital River (Murghab Basin). The climb from the Muzkol valley is relatively gentle, but on the south side it is steeper with several hairpin bends. The landscape is very mineral with the view of several glaciers located over 5000 meters. This passage was opened to vehicles in 1892 during the construction of the Russian military outpost.

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