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New COVID rules in Kyrgyzstan from 21st of January 2022

Hereby, Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture,
information, sports and youth policy of the Kyrgyz Republic (hereinafter -Department of Tourism), having considered the letter of 12.01.2022 No. 2 / KATO notifies that the MHSD KR (Order No. 958 dated July 16, 2021) has expanded The list according to which tourists from the following foreign countries are also may arrive on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic by land.

1. Republic of Albania
2. Republic of Bulgaria
3. Republic of Cyprus
4. Republic of North Macedonia
5. United Mexican States
6. Kingdom of Thailand
7. Romania
8. Kingdom of the Netherlands
9. State of Israel
10. Republic of Poland
11. Republic of Finland
12. Republic of Croatia
13. Kingdom of Norway
14. Czech Republic
15. Republic of Singapore
16. Kingdom of Denmark
17. Canada
18. Republic of Estonia
19. Maldives
20. Argentine Republic
21. French Republic
22. Montenegro
23. United States of America;
24. Hellenic Republic
25. Spanish Republic
26. Slovak Republic
27. Republic of Malta
28. Serbian Republic
29. Republic of San Marino
30. Bangladesh
31. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
32. Republic of Iran
33. Vietnam
34. Sultanate of Oman.

Note: Prior to this, the List included only 33 countries, now it includes
34 more countries are included, so today tourists from 67 countries
of the world can arrive in Kyrgyzstan by land vehicles:

1. Russian Federation
2. Georgia
3. Azerbaijan
4. Armenia
5. Belarus
6. Kazakhstan
7. Turkmenistan
8. Belgium
9. Austria
10. UK
11. Germany
12. Ireland
13. Iceland
14. Italy
15. Latvia
16. Lithuania
17. Liechtenstein
18. Luxembourg
19. Portugal
20. Turkey
21. Switzerland
22. Sweden
23. Qatar
24. UAE
25. PRC
26. Malaysia
27. South Korea
28. Pakistan
29. Slovenia
30. Kuwait
31. Japan
32. Uzbekistan
33. Hungary

However, the Department of Tourism informs that on June 8, 2021
by a joint order of the involved state bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic
Republic (MHSD, Department of Tourism under the IEF, MFA, PS SCNS, MTASK and Manas OJSC) approved Algorithms of actions to prevent the importation and the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in relation to citizens of KR, foreign citizens and stateless persons crossing state border of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as persons committing travel on domestic flights.
In accordance with the Algorithms, citizens, including tourists and persons without citizenship, comply with the current sanitary norms and rules for territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Upon arrival on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic with you
you must have negative PCR test results, the period of which is not
exceeds 72 hours from the date of sampling analysis,


a document certifying the receipt of a vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19 (in paper or digital format). Children from 5 years old, for their safety, parents also provide the above medical documents.

Document certifying receipt of vaccination against COVID-19 applies in case of recognition of the Kyrgyz Republic in the manner prescribed by law or on mutual principles.
In the event of a revision of the Algorithms, the Department of Tourism will notify you early.
Deputy Director K. Kenzhematova

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Culture in China China

This chapter is devoted to the cultures of Xinjiang where the current dominant people are represented by the Uyghurs. The name Xinjiang means "new frontiers" and was adopted by Qing Manchuria. But history has made this region a mixture of peoples and cultures. During prehistoric times, cultural influence came from the northwest and moved east until the 3rd century AD when Buddhism appeared in the region. The Scythian empire gives way to the Kouchan empire which left many pictorial traces especially in the caves of Kizil and marks the beginning of the Silk Roads. Then in the 7th century, it is the Tang culture which dominates the region but for a short time, because in the 8th century the Tibetan Empire controls the region before the Tang with the help of the Uyghurs regain control. From 840, the Uyghurs were pushed back to the south by the Kyrgyz, they will remain there to this day.
The Uyghur people are therefore an ancient Turkish people who greatly influenced Asian civilizations. The Uyghurs were the first sedentary among the Turkic peoples. Influenced by Manichaeism and then by Buddhism, whose heyday extends from the 9th to the 10th centuries, and was a highlight in the history of the region in artistic and literary terms. Subsequently, the Uyghur Islamic era gave birth to famous works of the 11th century such as the "Compendium of Turkish languages" by the philosopher and lexicographer Mahmoud Al-Kachgari and "The Science which brings happiness" by the philosopher Yusuf Balasagun, prides literary works from all over the Turkish world. The place of Uyghur civilization is as important there as the Greco-Roman civilization for the Western world.


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