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Culture in Tajikistan

The tajik culture is rich thank to its rich historical past. The culture can be devided into different geographical areas. In one side, the old cities of the lowland, like Khujand, Kulob, Panjakent, Qurghonteppa, Khorugh and Istaravshan, but also Samarkand and Boukhara situated actually in Uzbekistan. On the other side, we can talk about the culture of the Pamir, divided between Pamiris and Kyrgyz people, and Yaghnobi people living in the Northern area of Tajikistan.

As early as 874-1005 AD the Tajik civilization has reached its Golden Age in the reign of the Samanids. During this period, the territory has been the cradle of natural and social sciences development in the Central Asia.

Upholding to the rich culture of the past are the archaeological artifacts which have proven the artistry of ancient Tajiks. Art forms such as paintings, sculptures, and other structures which are believed to have originated in the 7th and 8th centuries were found in the ancient city of Penjikent. Other artifacts readily accessible are old mosques along with their grandiose wall paintings that depict ancestral architecture. It is also believed that many contemporary instruments have their origins in the Pamir, such as string instruments.

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