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Tajikistan traditional food

Culinary art of Tajik people was formed for many centuries.

Meat dishes are basically cooked from mutton and goat's flesh. Since Tajiks are Moslems they do not eat pork at all. Very popular is horse meat.

Flat cakes are traditional Tajik bread. They are made from yeast, simple and rich, unleavened as well as fancy pastry. Flat cakes are baked in tandyrs - clay ovens stoked with fire wood. 

Soups in Tajik cuisine are very thick, rich, with aroma of spices. Tajiks cook their soups basically from meat, bone broth or preliminary frying thinly cut meat, sometimes with milk or vegetable broth.

Sweets, drinks and fruit which in Europe crown any meal are served twice during meals in Orient, and sometimes even three times - they are served before, after and during meals. The national pastry - twiglets, puff sweet pies and, naturally, halvah - is very popular and delicious.

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