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Fauna and Flora

Khorog botanical garden

Adrian Leung

Gorno-BadakhshanTajikistan • 2250 m

Did you know that the Pamir Botanical Garden is the highest mountain park? And also the second highest altitude in the world after the botanical garden of Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 2320 meters above sea level near the city of Khorog, the center of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of Tajikistan. The territory of the garden, broken at the confluence of the two high-mountain rivers Gunt and Shahdara, is 624 hectares. The high-mountain garden was laid in 1940 on the terrace above Khorog. One of its founders was Professor Anatoly Gursky, who together with a group of scientists for almost three decades created here a unique natural laboratory for studying the life of plants in the highlands. Various plants, shrubs, trees from all over the world were brought to the Pamirs. To date, the park has collected more than four thousand species of plants. The Pamir Botanical Garden is the place where you can uncover all the secrets of plants and find out in detail if even you are just an amateur.

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