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Flora and Fauna in Nepal

Nepal amazes tourists that the country has a large variety of plants and animals. Nepal is a biodiversity hot spot with ecoregions broadly comprising the mountainous ecoregion, the savanna and grasslands ecoregion of the terai (foothills), and the Rara Lake ecoregion, which has many endemic species.

In the southern region of Terai are growing bushy bamboo forests and hardwood trees. At the foot of the mountains are growing pine, oak and a large number of wild flowers. At altitudes up to 3660 m is dominated by spruce. Mains reserve are the Chitwan and the Sagarmatha National Parks.

The Terai inhabited by:​

  • Bengal tigers,
  • leopards,
  • Indian elephants,
  • Bengal monitor,
  • red panda,
  • Indian rhinoceros
  • deers​

In mountainous areas inhabited by:

  • wild goats,
  • mountain sheep,
  • Himalyan monal
  • snowleopard,
  • Tibetan fox,
  • Tibetan wolves

There are probability that not all animal species are still discovered today, some years ago, a new horse specie was discovered. And some are still searching the Yeti.

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