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Travelling to Kyrgyzstan under COVID restrictions

Dear traveler,

After running programs for over a year under the constraints of the COVID epidemic, here is our latest news.

Kyrgyzstan has reopened the borders for tourists from all over the world!

Therefore, you are very welcome again to come and discover the nature and culture of our mountainous country.  

Air borders and land borders are again open with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. They are still closed with Tajikistan and China.

The visa policy we had before the pandemic still holds. We would like to remind that the travelers from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg and many other countries can take advantage of a 60-days visa-free regime. The e-visa system takes place in many countries (please, check here:

Nevertheless, there are still some questions need to be answered:

How to get to Kyrgyzstan?

3 times per day flight Istanbul – Bishkek : Turkish Airlines, this is probably the safest company providing the best service with the most convenient schedule

Every day flight Istanbul – Bishkek and 3 times per week to Osh: Pegasus Airlines, the cheapest option

6-times-a-week flight (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun) Moscow – Bishkek : Aeroflot, an alternative to Turkish Airlines

Every day flight Dubai – Bishkek :Fly Dubai.

What are the conditions for entering Kyrgyzstan?

Tourists must be wearing masks during their flight and in airport terminals. In case of any COVID-19 symptoms the airport authorities will detain this person and people who were flying and standing next to this person for further medical examination. Travelers who are not fully vaccinated will have to show their NEGATIVE PCR test that were taken less than 72 hours before arrival in Kyrgyzstan. It must be written in English or in Russian. 

What if I have to cancel my trip at the last minute?

Considering the current situation in the world, it may happen (positive COVID-19 test, flight cancellation etc.). The first thing you need to do in this case is to inform Nomad’s Land about it. Any amount of money that have been paid before as a prepayment will not be taken from you for nothing. It will stay with us until you have an opportunity to come again. We are 100% flexible. You are free to claim your prepayment back at any time you wish. We will do that, but we are not covering the bank transfer fees. As for the international flights, there is now a travel insurance that covers COVID-19 risk. Ask your organization for details.  

How the COVID-19 pandemic affects the travels to Kyrgyzstan?

Here at Nomad’s Land we have implemented some rules for personal hygiene and social distancing to protect our client, our partners and ourselves. We have worked out the health protocol in accordance with recommendations of our authorities and adapted it to our activity with our guides. However, every traveler is as unique as our trips to Kyrgyzstan and that’s why we would like to stay 100% flexible in order to adapt to your health protocols. Your rules will be our rules as long as they correspond to rules of Kyrgyz authorities. 

As for the trips, they will stay as unique as they were before the pandemic. There will be no changes in itineraries, homestays or in anything else in program. Everything will remain the same as it was before. No any other surprises, even as for the prices. Everything that were confirmed before will not be changed. However, we are staying at your disposal if you wish to make some changes in your program. 

Museums, touristic places and other activities are open for travelers. Our guides, drivers and local families will be glad and ready to greet you in our country. 

What will happen in case of getting infected with COVID-19 during your trip?

We would like to work with you to work out the actions that must be taken in this case, but there are some common rules which we must follow:

  • Isolation of the infected person from the group and keeping the other people in the group under strict supervision the following days.
  • Taking the infected person back to Bishkek and isolating him or her in private hotel room.
  • At the same time, we contact the Embassy and following their instructions.
  • We will ask the infected person to contact his or her insurance company (we will help to do that).

What is the process of returning back to my country?

Each country has its own rules, but we will try to prepare everything you need to get back to your country:

  • We will help you to fill all the documents you need
  • Organize the PCR test in private laboratory (at your expense)
  • Any other help if you face some problems with accommodation, tickets etc.

Summer time is the most popular time to visit Kyrgyzstan, but remember that winter has its own advantages in terms of activities. We are staying at your disposal for any further information or request for a travel program.


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