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Bazar in Uzgen
Matthias Catón

Osh RegionKyrgyzstan • 1025 m

Uzgen is a large village on the main road between Jalal Abad and Osh. The modern city of Uzgen is located on the territory of ancient site. Ancient settlement of Uzgen is rich of monuments of settled and nomadic people, dated in a wide chronological range. It belongs to a zone of early contacts on the Silk Road, being the most eastern city centre of Davan, as the city of Ju-chen known on Chinese sources is traditionally localised here in a context of military expeditions of 104-99 BC. Citadel and Shakhristans have been preserved relatively. Officially the complex is a part of "Sulaiman-Too" museum complex with a representative in Uzgen responsible for its protection and management. Uzgen Architectural Complex is on the State list of monuments of national importance.

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