Kel-Suu lake

Naryn Region Kyrgyzstan

Kel-Suu (means water's lake) makes for a great day hike or overnight backpacking trip. 
It's an amazing place for photos on summer or on winter. You will have colorfull views of mountains, beautiful granite's cliffs, meadows, icy peaks and canyons.

The mountain's lake located at the altitude of 3510 m., in the valley of Kurumduk (means "the preserved valley" between high cliffs and East of the Sary Beles mount (4726 m.). Certainly formed after a landslide after the 80's. There are different dirty roads to access to the lake which the length is up to 10 km (100-800 meters wide), then three pass link with the nearby China (officially closed).

Along the way you may present a special permit which can be organized 1 month before your arrival. If you need this permit, just contact us.



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