Flora of the desert

Flora of Turkmenistan is made of relic forests, subtropics with a set of rare plants, picturesque nooks with preserved centuries-old vegetation.

More than 2.5 thousand plant species grow on the territory of Turkmenistan including about 700 ones in the Kara Kum Desert. Among the most precious plants is 2,000-thousand-old juniper (Turkmen archa) growing on inaccessible tops of the Kopet Dagh. 

Turkmenistan nature calls tourists with its unique attractions: tremendous flora - forests of wild fruit and nut trees, juniper forests on mountain slopes, pistachio savanna forests, saxaul forests, flood-plain tugais.

The fauna is presented with the species of 91 mammals, 372 birds, 74 reptiles and 60 fishes:

  • Central Asian leopards,
  • argalis,
  • koulans,
  • goitered gazelles;

Еnchanting sceneries - from picturesque mountain ridges to lifeless desert sands, from green oases to multikilometer sea coast.