Trekking from Osh to Tash Rabat 12 days 30 July to 7 Aug

9 Days


01 Jul 2019 to 20 Sep 2019

Trekking from Osh to Tash Rabat
Trekking from Osh to Tash Rabat 9 days 30 July to 7 Aug
During this trip, you will discover one of the most remote treasures of Kyrgyzstan.  It’s magical to travel from Osh to Tash Rabat as a real traveler on the Silk Road.  You will pass the Ferghana mountain range in a totally wild environment.  You will be on an expedition into the wild, seeing the stunning wildlife there and the few shepherd’s families that live there will show you the best of Kyrgyz traditional hospitality.
You will discover the natural and cultural treasures of Kyrgyzstan: The ancient city of Osh, the high passes of the Ferghana range, the alpine pastures of the Arpa Valley, and Tash Rabat caravanserai.  Throughout this trip, you will be immersed into the Kyrgyz wilderness. A real experience of a lifetime! 
Guaranteed Departure
Dates: 30th of July to the 7th of August
Duration of the trip: 9 days / 8 nights



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