Grand trek in the Kyrgyz Pamir

23 Days


Discover the best sights of Kyrgyz Pamirs, ending at the foot of the Peak Lenin

This program is for mountain lovers, with a very good fitness. 6-7 hours hike per day on high altitude.


Manas International Airport

D 1 / Manas International Airport - Bishkek

Arrival in Bishkek. Meeting with the local guide in the airport. Transfer to the center of city. Having a rest. Lunch. Afternoon, visit of the capital. Dinner and return to the guest house. Overnight in guesthouse.

D 2 / Bishkek - Osh

Transfer to airport and flight to Osh before noon. Your guide will meet you at the Aerport Osh. Transfer to the guesthouse. Installation at the hotel and visit the market of Osh that is among the largest and most colorful of Central Asia. In late afternoon, visit the mountains of King Solomon, a former pilgrimage of Zoroastrians. Dinner in town and overnight in guest house.

Kodjo Kelen valley

D 3 / Osh - Kodjo Kelen valley

Early departure. 40 km of the road is paved, 60 km which is not paved. We pass near a dam named Papan. We walk along the river that feeds the Aral Sea. Arriving at the village of Kodjo Kelen for lunch time. Picnic in the nature. Stroll through the ocher cliffs. Back at the village. Dinner and overnight at homestay. Time of transfer: 3/4h Time of walk: 2 hours Vertical drop: 500m + Vertical Drop: - 500m

Sary Bel pass

D 4 / Kodjo Kelen valley - Kitchik-Alay

Morning departure of our great trek and walk to the plateau of Sary Bel Pass in a setting with a thousand colors.

Picnic in front of the Ming Teke peak which rises to 4114 m.

The afternoon small descent into the valley of Kosh-Moinok.

Setting up camp at the foot of Ming Teke. Overnight in tents.

Sary-Mogol northern

D 5 / Kitchik-Alay (Kosh-Moynok) - Kitchik-Alay (Sary-Mogol North)

The path climbs steeply amid rich vegetation towards the Koch-Moinok pass (3240m.). Descent overlooking the chain Kitchik-Alai to the weather station Kyzyl-Shara and visit the grave of Turoval. In the afternoon, we go up the Kitchik-Alai valley to valley Sary-Mogol (north). Overnight in tents.

Sary-Mogol pass

D 7 / Kitchik-Alay (at the foot of the pass Sary-Mogol) - Sary-Mogol lakes

In the morning, hike to the pass Sary-Mogol by a steep slope in the middle of scree that cross the Alaïski chain. This is the most difficult time of this trek. In the afternoon, we visit the large glacial cirque and lakes, then descend to the lake located on the banks of the lower lake. Overnight in tents. (On that day there will be change in porting team because horses do not cross the pass, grooms carry the luggage to the pass).

D 9 / Sary-Mogol valley South - Kara-Kabak

In the morning, rising up trays Korumdy then runs through the pastures to the Kara-Kabak valley. The panorama is very wide and offers incredible views of Lenin Peak. Overnight in tents.

D 10 / Kara-Kabak - Damdjailoo

In the morning, we go a little hill to climb in the neighboring valley, a small path between the bushes and small meadows. Then the valley turns west and the High Pasture widens amid dozens of peaks. The pass at 4150 m. is deleted in the landscape and without difficulty down to the lake Kosh Koel, up camp. Overnight in tents.

D 11 / Damdjailoo - Damdjailoo

Ride the day in the circus Damdjailoo that conceals several lakes above our camp, picnic at the edge of one of the great lakes. Return to the same camp. Overnight in tents.

D 12 / Damdjailoo - Ming-Djar

Long descent through pastures facing the Zalay chain culminated with the Lenin peak, to the village of Kashka-Suu. Then transfer the foot of the chain and Zalay installation camp near the Ming-Djar river. Overnight in tents.

D 13 / Ming-Djar - Kata Beshyk glacier

Through large alpine valleys, the route crosses many herds and some yurts all along the chain of Pamir. Crossing several small passes. Setting up camp in Kata Bechik Valley on the edge of the glacier of the same name. Overnight in tents.

D 14 / Kata Beshyk glacier - Kaman-Suu

For the moraine, we reach the glacier Kata Bechik an easily traversed. Breathtaking view of the vertical faces rising to over 6000 meters. In the afternoon, we cross the gorge of the Kaman-Suu river, the path descends to small lakes and sinks to the bed of the river to go back on the shelf. Setting up camp near a lake. (this afternoon, the program can be shortened if the river level is too high. Overnight in tents.

D 15 / Kaman-Suu - Kaman-Suu

Exploring the glacial cirque of Kaman-Suu glacier, walking 14 km in a magnificent setting at the foot of the western shoulder of the peak Lenin. Return to the same camp. Overnight in tents.

D 16 / Kaman-Suu - Tash-Kyungey

In the morning, we go up to a spine of many colors red ocher. A landscape of exceptional beauty and grandeur offers a panoramic 360 °. We follow the narrow paths formed by sheep and wild goats. Then down to the gorge Tash-Kyungey and camp facility between the rivers at the base of a pyramid. Overnight in tents.

D 17 / Tash-Kyungey - Lenin peak BC

In the morning we descend slightly in the Nitshke-Suu valley to make a pass at 3700 m. We keep our height and go round 2 peaks to reach Lenin Peak Valley. Install our camp in the meadow of Achyk-Tash

D 18 / Lenin peak BC - Lenin peak ABC

On the trail of the classical pathway, the scenery is spectacular and colorful again, a lunar landscape mixed with the vastness of the massif. The pass of "Voyageur" and coming to ABC camp.

D 19 / Lenin peak ABC - Lenin peak BC

The morning walks possible near the camp at the foot of Lenin Peak rising to 7134m., Then return by the same path as the previous CB 3700 m. Overnight in tents.

Lenin peak

D 20 / Lenin peak BC - Tulpar-Kol lake

We go down the side of the Achyk-Tash river crossing with horses, and we go back on the shelf on the other side where you can discover a multitude of lakes sizes and shapes. Opportunity to explore the nearby mountains.

Sary Tash - peak Lenin

D 21 / Tulpar-Kol lake - Osh

In the morning we enjoy walking again towards winter farms at the bottom of our camp, where we go with our vehicle. Then drive to Osh.

D 22 / Osh - Bishkek

Early morning departure to the airport. Morning flight to Bishkek. Transfer into a guest house. Visit the Kyrgyz capital. Discovery of Osh market; walk in the park downtown. Evening and late dinner since leaving for the airport will take place in the middle of the night.



  • Organization of the stay
  • All transfers in vehicle incl. A / R airport
  • French speaking tour guide
  • Full board incl. drinking water
  • Accommodation described in the program
  • Carrying luggage during trekking and horse riding
  • Rent camping equipment (tents, mats, kitchen utensils)
  • All the visits indicated in the program
  • Entry fees at national parks or nature reserves
  • Entry fees at museums mentioned in the program
  • National or regional flights specified in the program
Non Include:
  • Insurance repatriation and CR insurance
  • International airfare and taxes
  • Alcohol or sweetened mineral water
  • Additional services not mentioned in the program
  • Staff costs and rental of personal equipment (ATV, sleeping bag, water bottle, flashlight, etc.)
  • Tips
  • Additional costs due to personal problems (health, loss of luggage, etc.)

Since July 27, 2012, the visa is not any more required for the persons of Swiss, EU, US, Canadian and Japanese nationalities (in total 44 new countries, for more information visit; passport should be with minimum of 6 months validity for period of 60 days maximum. Vaccination is not mandatory.

This is a draft program. It can be changed due to changes of flight schedules, safetely reasons, weather conditions and others imponderable or unforeseen conditions. Only our tour guide is authorized to take the necessary decisions. Prices are calculated daily and are subject to change in case of wide fluctuations in prices or exchange rates.

Though Kyrgyzstan evidenced caravans over 3000 years it is still a young developing country and infrastructure of villages is not at a very high level. Refusing hospitality might be offensive and in order to avoid misunderstanding one had better to read some guidebooks and other books about Kyrgyzstan before getting prepared to visit.

Hope to see you soon.

Nomad’s Land Team

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Nomad Land and its team would like to present a region situated in middle Tian-Shan. Kyrgyzstan, the country of nomads located in the center of Central Asia, offers widely unexplored mountains. Kyrgyz people, who keep the tradition of hospitality, live peacefully inside landscapes of a surprising diversity of landscapes (meadows, deserts and also canyons, high alpine valleys, steppes, lakes in waters turquoise), which makes the country the pearl of Central Asia. In summer as in winter, Nomad Land invites you for the unpublished programs.



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