Tajik pamir springtime

The fauna of Tajikistan is diverse. Animals that live here have adapted to the peculiarities of topography and climate.

It is home to the representatives of typical Nordic animal:

  • a bear,
  • a rabbit,
  • a badger,
  • a weasel,
  • a squirrel,
  • a Siberian ibex.

Many Central Asian and Indo-Tibetan kinds:

  • an Asian leopard,
  • a Himalayan snow cock,
  • a Tibetan Wolf.

Indian animal species found here porcupine, swallow, oriole, Afghan kinds - mouflon, starling-lane, cobra, lizard, mosquitoes, termites.

Natural conditions are favorable for the development of mammals: carnivores, ungulates (70 species) and reptiles (46 species). A lot of different insects (more than 10 thous. Species), more than 350 species of birds. A distinctive feature of Tajikistan - the relative poverty of fish fauna (40 species), which is explained by the relative youth of the rivers and lakes. Some animals, such as: wild boar, hare, fox, badger, rock partridge, duck India have commercial value.

Ichthyologists bred in floodplain lakes trout perch, and in mountain rivers - native species of trout.

The mountainous terrain and climate determine the richness of diversity and originality of the forms of flora of Tajikistan. There are "representatives" of the north and south, east and west.

 Among the plants, along with native species:

  • saxaul,
  • pistachio,
  • juniper,
  • wormwood
  • thistles  

Тhere are Mediterranean plants:

  • hawthorn,
  • walnut,
  • fig,
  • sycamore.

Tajikistan - one of the centers of the initial distribution of such cultural cereals like rye, wheat.

In the mountains and valleys there are more than 5000 types of plants.