D 1 / «Summer ski trip to the Syrthe» (May - June)

D1: Transport from Karakol to the Syrthe by Arabel-Suu and Kum-Tor. 4 hours 3800 m. Night in tent at the bottom of the glacier Kashka-Suu.
D2: On a glacier Kashka-Suu on a ski. 8 Hours 4100 m. Night in tent near glacier
D3: Transition under Ashu-Tor’s glacier Southern. 8 hours 3900 m. Night in tent at the bottom of Ashu Tör’s glacier.
D4: Ski on glacier Ashu-Tör.
D5: Glacier Ashu-Tor Southern –Ashu-Tor pass 4000 m. 1B. 8 hours 3200 m.
D6: On foot or by ski if it’s possible to the old physical station of Chong Kyzyl Suu. 8 hours.
D7: Transfer by car to Karakol (3 hours).


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