D 1 / Road on gorge Altyn Arashan

D1: Transport from Karakol to Ak-Suu – On ski we will reach the mountain resort of Altyn Arashan, 6 hours 2650 m., night in refuge.
D2: On gorge Arashan Up to the Keldike’s gorge – Radial exit. 6 hours 2720 m., night in refuge.
D3: Radial exit to the Altyn Arashan’s gorge and to Eki-Shat valley.8 hours 2800 m., night in refuge.
D4: Radial exit to the Anir-Tor’s gorge. 6 hours 3000 m., night in refuge.
D5: Returning in Karakol city: 6 hours by ski, and 20 min. transfer by car to Karakol.


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