Scythians kurgans of San Tash

Issyk Kul Region Kyrgyzstan

The burial mound complex of San-Tash, which means "counting stones" or "read stones" in turik language, is situated on the bank of the Tiup river, near the Eastern border post with Kazakhstan A363, at an altitude of 1996 meter alt. Most of surrounding Scyths graves are dated from 6th till 1st centuries BC. But the pile of stones stay an enigm as it's linked with a Tamerlan legend that it was used to count how many soldiers died during battles. 

The tomb is very similar to the Pazyrsky burial mounds in the Altai who was a Saka (Scythians) prince and typical of most of Sakas kurgan found from Ukraine till South of Siberia. There are in this aera more than 250 tombs, and many others disapeared in the soft grassland.



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