The Irkeshtam border post allows the import of goods from Kashgar to Osh, spreading the whole Ferghana's valley. The road is fully renewed from Osh to the pass and finished in 2012. From the Chines side, the road was finished some years ago. The cross is allowed for all tourist with a valid Chinese visa. (without local tour agency arrangement). The border is situated on the Chinese side of the Alaykku range, 35 km of physical pass Töö-Morun 3536 meters altitude, which is situated on the Kyrgyz territory.

Alay Valley

The Alay valley is bordering Tajikistan on the South of Kyrgyzstan. The river name Kyzyl Suu or the "red river" and flew into Tajikistan. It's part of the Kyrgyz Pamir or named also Pamir Alay. The valley is wellknown for large flocks of yacks but also for its wellknow peak named "Lenin". Gulsho is its administrative center, and Sary Mogol village is one of largest village of the valley. In winter, life conditions are particulary difficult.