Spices, Chorsu Basar, by Peter Krimbacher

Chorsu bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent is several hundred years old, located on the main square Eski Juva.

Kyzyl Kum Desert, by upyernoz

Kyzyl Kum desert

The desert of Kyzyl Kum is a sandy desert between the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya in Uzbekistan.


Door of Tamerlane (Iron Gate) gorge

The Tamerlan's Gate is the most narrow part of the gorge of the river Sanzar - passage in the mountains separating ranges Malguzar Nuratau and

Independence square of Tashkent
Independence square of Tashkent, by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia

Place of Independence

The Independence Square is the central square of Tashkent; it hosts celebrations and military parades in the days of special events and public hol


Square Theatre

One of the most elegant squares of the city of Tashkent - Theater Square, formed in the mid XX century.


Yodgorlik silk factory

Silk Factory "Yodgorlik", here you can see the entire process of silk production and buy wonderful silk and semi-silk tissue, satin, adra

Miranqul mountains in Samarkand
Miranqul mountains in Samarkand, by Farsizabon


Mirankul mountains are 40 kilometers from Samarkand.

Qashqadaryo river in Kitab
Qashqadaryo river in Kitab, by Carpodacus

Qashqadaryo river

Qashqadaryo River is a river in southern Uzbekistan. Length: 378 km, basin: 6,800 km2. In flows within the Qarshi Steppe without drain.

Towers of Char Minar (Former Medresseh) - Bukhara - Uzbekistan, by Adam Jones Ph.D.
Aral Sea - Barsakelmes
Aral Sea - Barsakelmes, by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia

Aral sea

The Aral Sea is located in northern Central Asia, between Aktobe district in Kazakhstan and north of the autonomous region of Karakalpakstan in Uzb


Pahlavon Mahmud mausoleum

This mausoleum is one of the most beautiful places in Khiva.

Tomb of the Old Testament Prophet Daniel, by Dan Lundberg