At-Bashy to Kol Suu Transhumance with Kyrgyz Shepherd

9 Days
Horseback Riding
Special Tours

02 May 2019 to 09 May 2019

Are you looking for an adventure? At Nomad's Land we really love organizing unique trips, in the closest collaboration possible with the local families.

From end of April till beginning of June, the Kyrgyz shepherds leave their villages to go to the Jailoo (pastureland), together with their families, livestock, yurt, furniture, and basically everything. It is a party time for the families and the villages come back to life after the freezing winter months.

This year, we propose you to join this event, and to participate to the moving to the Jailoo with one family from At-Bashy village to their jailoo at Kok Kyia, next to Kel Suu lake.


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