D 1 / Bishkek - Chong Kyzyl Suu - Syrty

D1: Chong Kyzyl Suu Transfer. Night at the weather station.
D2: Output, overlooking the channel Terskei 250-300 m. Night at the weather station.
D3: Base camp to the foot of the pass Ashu Tor, overnight in tents 320 m
D4: The pass Ashu Tor 4000 m and then descend to the glacier, overnight in tents -100 m (3900)
D5: The south side of Ashu-Tor glacier - Syrthy - Ak-Shirak - Petrova glacier. Overnight in tents
D6: Transfer to Ak-shirak, night at base camp 4100 m
D7: Exit to the glacier, meeting with the minibus for refueling, return to the glacier Petrova 170 m. Overnight in tents
D8: Accession on the glacier, overnight in tents
D9: Ascension of the peak 280 m (maximum altitude 4700 m, possible to go skiing), night at the same location as the J10, 250 m climb to the pass
D10: Descent -300 m and rest, night at base camp.
D11: Transfer to Barskoon and rest at the lake.


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