Osh, the second largest city of the Kyrgyz republic, is one of the oldest settlements of Central Asia. It is located in southwestern Kyrgyzstan near the Uzbekistan border in the eastern section of the Fergana Valley. This one of the Central Asia's most interesting cities because of its long history, dating back as least to the 5th century BC - its position as an important crossroads for Silk Road trade and its huge market. For centuries it was a major silk-production center, strategically situated on a trade route to India.

Sights are: the huge bazaar, Sulaimans Throne (a 200 m hill called Takht-i-Suleyman (Solomon's Throne), where the Prophet Muhammad is thought to have prayed and where Muslim pilgrims began visiting in the tenth century), Baburs House (at the top of Sulaimans Throne), several monuments (especially the one of Kurmanjan Datka – Kyrgyz feminine ruler and engaged warrior against the Russian invasion), the Russian-orthodox church, the biggest mosque of the country (situated right beside the bazaar) and the Rabat Abdul Khan Mosque (16 th century).

The population of Osh is mostly Uzbek. Osh has two universities, a sanatorium, and an airport. Economic activity has been aided by beneficial reforms and consists of the Jayma bazaar; silk trade; mining of zinc, lead, and coal; food processing; and the production of silk, cotton, and wool.

Crystal Hotel

Hotel 2*

The Crystal Hotel is located in the southern Kyrgyzstan - Osh. It is one of the best hotels in the city with comfortable rooms and bathrooms. Hotel is located next to the Osh bazaar. Suite and Deluxe rooms are equipped with private bathroom, satellite-TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. The hotel has the Internet and a bar, garage, can provide conference facilities.

The hospitable staff will be happy to arrange for you sightseeing tour around of the Osh and the transfer to the airport.

Jetigen Hotel

Hotel 2*

The Jetigen Hotel is located in Osh city not far from the downtown. The are single and double rooms in the hotel equipped with the air conditioning, satellite television. Private bathrooms are available in the rooms.  You will be greeted by friendly staff and feel the pleasant atmosphere.

At the restaurant you can try various national and European dishes. The hotel’s facilities include parking, sauna, and laundry. For business meeting and events the hotel can offer a hall for conferences and a business center.

Sunrise Guesthouse

Guest House

The “Sunrise” Guesthouse located on the left bank of the Ak-Bura River is the best place for family holidays, tourist groups hosting and for accommodation of business people. In front of the hotel there is the Central Park, city stadium and city administration. The advantage of this guesthouse is that here you can have a valuable rest at night without the noise from discos and cafes.