Issyk Ata valley, with its thermal baths, is located 80 km east of Bishkek. Sanatorium and outdoor swimming pools are the altitude of 1775m. An ideal destination on weekends.The Issyk Ata  valley also offers many opportunities of hiking routes for enthusiasts, routes of mountaineering  to the highest peaks of the Kyrgyz Alatoo, start point for trekking to nearby valleys or to Lake Song Kul. 


Bishkek is one of the greenest cities in Central Asia. About 150 different kinds of trees and bushes are planted in the streets of the city. There are many cinemas, Opera House, Kyrgyz and Russian Drama Theater, Mosques and Orthodox churches, historical complex of the national hero - Manas- “The Manas Ailly”, zoological, geological art and other museums, exhibitions of decorative and applied art, colorful oriental bazaars are others interesting places you are invited to visit.

Ak-Sai glacier

The Ak-Say glacier (means "white valley") is situated in the Ala Archa valley and surrounded by popular peaks like Teketor (4441m.); Aktoo (4620m.); peak Korona (4860m.); peak Iziskatel (4400m.); peak Svobodnaya Korea (Free Korea, 4740m.); peak Box (4240m.).