Burana Tower
Burana Tower, by Daniel

Burana Tower

Burana Tower is seven km. far from the city of Tokmok. It is an 11th century minaret, and one of the first buildings of such type in Central Asia.

Issyk Kul
Issyk Kul, by Daniel

Issyk Kul

Lake Issyk Kul has a length of 182 km, a width of up to 60 km, and covers an area of 6,236 km².

Tash Doeboe (Song Kul's lake)
Tash Doeboe (Song Kul's lake), by Daniel

Song Kul lake

The scenary Song Kul (or Song Kul) lake is the main pasture of nomads. Hundreds yurts are built during summer.

Sitting and looking at the mountains..., by java.bro

Jiluu Suu (Tong)

Situated on Issyk Kul Oblast but accessible by road from Naryn Oblast.

Konorchek Canyon, Kyrgyzstan, by Joe.Crewe

Konorchek canyon

A small Creek canyon! But you can walk two days around the red cliffs.

Uzongukush, by Daniel


The extrem south part of Issyk Kul oblast.

Sary Chelek lake
Sary Chelek lake, by Nomad's Land & Nomad's Asia

Sary-Chelek lake

Lake Sary Chelek ( Kyrgyz - " yellow bowl " ) - a freshwater lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyzyl Korgon
Kyzyl Korgon, by Daniel

Kyzyl Korgon

Campsite on the shore of the Kekemeren river. The camp is located below the village of the same name.

ala_kul_lake.jpg, by Nomad's Land

Ala-Kul lake

Ala Kul lake (or Ala Koel in Kyrgyz) is located in the upper part of the river Kurgaktor at an altitude of 3532 meters.

Jeti Oguz valley
Jeti Oguz valley, by Daniel

Jeti Oguz valley

Jeti-Ögüz is a valley located at the north slope of Teskey Ala-Too mountain range near Issyk Kul in the Jeti-Oguz District of Issyk Kul Province of

Issyk-Ata, by Daniel


Issyk Ata valley, with its thermal baths, is located 80 km east of Bishkek. Sanatorium and outdoor swimming pools are the altitude of 1775m.

Abshir Ata Waterfall, by a_narynbaev
Ak Sai glacier
Ak Sai glacier, by Daniel

Ak-Sai glacier

The Ak-Say glacier (means "white valley") is situated in the Ala Archa valley and surrounded by popular peaks like Teketor (4441m.); Aktoo (4620m.)

Ak-Say valley
Ak-Say valley, by Daniel
Ak-Suu gorge peak
Ak-Suu gorge peak, by Zhunusbek Karazakov for Nomad's Land

Ak-Suu gorge

The valley of vertical cliffs including the peak Ak-Suu (5355 m), the peak Blok (5229m), the Dostoevskogo (4974m) and the peak Iskander (5120m).

Ak-Suu hot springs
Ak-Suu hot springs, by Daniel

Ak-Suu hot springs

Some 10 km from Karakol, on the top of the village of Ak-Suu (anc. Teplokluchenka), wellknown for curatives mineral water and its sanatorium.

Ak-Bura valley
Ak-Bura valley, by Daniel
Alamedin gorge
Alamedin gorge, by Daniel
Alay valley
Alay valley, by Daniel

Alay Valley

The Alay valley is bordering Tajikistan on the South of Kyrgyzstan. The river name Kyzyl Suu or the "red river" and flew into Tajikistan.

Altyn Arashan valley
Altyn Arashan valley, by Daniel
Yurt camp at Arpa valley
Yurt camp at Arpa valley, by Stephanie for Nomad's Land
Barskoon gorge
Barskoon gorge, by Daniel

Barskoon gorge

A 40km long valley linking Issyk Kul lake on its South shore to the high plateau of Arabel Suu and sources of the Naryn bassin.

Belogorka gorge, by stansfan
Boom gorge
Boom gorge, by Daniel

Boroko glacier

Glacier on the South side of the peak Boris Eltsine and the massif of Oguz-Bashi. It's situated in the National park of Sarychat Ertash.

Chatkal, Ak-Kol, Kyrgyzstan, by marat_live
Chatyr-Kul lake
Chatyr-Kul lake, by Daniel
Chokoli mountain lake
Chokoli mountain lake, by Daniel

Chokoly lakes

Chokoly lakes or Chokolykel are a group of a dozen of lakes on the South side of the Juku pass.

Chong-Ak-Suu gorge
Chong-Ak-Suu gorge, by Daniel
img_09102018_145411_hdr.jpg, by Fabien Selosse

Chong Kyzyl Suu valley

400 km from Bishkek or 60 km from Karakol, the old physical and geological station is situated in the gorge of Chong Kyzyl Suu at 2600 meter alt.

Chunkurchak gorge
Chunkurchak gorge, by Daniel
Chychkan gorge
Chychkan gorge, by Daniel
Ruh Ordo cultural center
Ruh Ordo cultural center, by Daniel
Karakol Dungan Mosque
Karakol Dungan Mosque, by Daniel

Karakol dungan mosque

Issyk-Kul Central Mosque of Karakol city named after Ibrahim Aji was built by initiative of Ibrahim Aji.

Inylchek glacier, by belboo
Issyk Kul
Issyk Kul, by Daniel

Issyk Kul lake

The Issyk-Kul lake has a length of 182 km, a maximum width of 60 km and covers an area of ​​6,236 km².

img_12052016_163953_hdr.jpg, by Fabien Selosse

Jukkuchak Valley

One of the side valleys of Juku Valley.

Popular for its local hot spring and the cave of the 300 sheep.

Kök-Mojnok, (Kyrgyzstan, by Danielzolli

Kara-Suu gorge

A losted valley surrounding the Sary Chelek's lake. In the middle of the valley, you can visit a nice lake named also Kara-Suu. 

Kara Suu Lake, by meder.k

Kara-Suu lake (South Toktogul reservoir)

Lake situated in a valley on the South bank of the river Naryn. It's located on the way between Jetigen village and Arslanbob village.

kara-suu_by_pravit.jpg, by Pravit

Kara-Suu lake

Lake situated in the neighboring valley of Sary-Chelek biosphere.

Karakol Peak
Karakol Peak , by Alex Johnson for Nomad's Land

Karakol gorge

The Karakol valley is fully part of the Karakol Natural Park.

Karavshin, by ivantem79

Karavshin gorge

A long valley entering in the heart of the Turkestan range. A good place for mountaineering, horseback riding and base-jumping.

Kashka Suu canyon
Kashka Suu canyon, by Daniel
Kegety cow
Kegety cow, by Daniel
Kel-Kogur lake
Kel-Kogur lake, by Daniel

Kel-Kogur lake

Lake Koel Kogur lies in Chong Kemin National Park. The nature is very wild.

Kel-Suu lake
Kel-Suu lake, by Daniel

Kel-Suu lake

Kel-Suu (means water's lake) makes for a great day hike or overnight backpacking trip. 

Koel Toer lake (Kegeti valley)
Koel Toer lake (Kegeti valley), by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia

Kel-Tor gorge Kegeti

Situated in the Koel Tor gorge part of the Kegeti basin. 

Kel-Tor gorge - Shamshi
Kel-Tor gorge - Shamshi, by Daniel
Kichi Alay
Kichi Alay, by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia
Kichi Kyzyl Suu
Kichi Kyzyl Suu, by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia


Small valley between the Chong Kyzyl Suu and the Jukkutchak valleys.

Kirov reservoir
Kirov reservoir, by Daniel
Kyzyl Suu valley
Kyzyl Suu valley, by Daniel

Kyzyl Suu valley (Alay valley)

Kyrgyz part of the Pamir also named Pamir Alay or Alay valley or Chong Alay valley.

Koel Suu lake
Koel Suu lake, by B. Asakunov for Nomad's Land

Kokkya canyon

The canyon of Kokkya (Kok-Kya or Kok-Kiya or Kökkyia) is located in the Ak-Say bassin of the Naryn region, at the distance of about 100 km from Nar

Kol-Ukok lake
Kol-Ukok lake, by Karel Lopes
Kyzyl-Kiya, by bakytbekusanov
Manjyly-Ata valley
Manjyly-Ata valley, by Daniel
Merzbacher lake, by Laura Jacobsen
Naryn river
Naryn river, by Daniel
Sary-Mogol lakes
Sary-Mogol lakes, by Daniel

Sary-Mogol lakes

Campsite at the footsteeps of glaciers and pass Sary Mogol, (South side), where staying many lakes.

Semenov gorge
Semenov gorge, by Daniel
Shamsi gorge
Shamsi gorge, by Daniel
Skazka Canyon
Skazka Canyon, by Alex Johnson for Nomad's Land

Skazka Fairy Tale canyon

The canyon was named because of its bizarre rocky landscape, which for many years has been transformed by erosion into amazing sculptures and forma

Eki-Naryn valley
Eki-Naryn valley, by Daniel
South Enilchek
South Enilchek, by Shu Yeung
Sulaiman Too sacred mountain
Sulaiman Too sacred mountain, by Daniel
Suusamyr valley
Suusamyr valley, by Daniel

Suusamyr valley

The high valley of Suusamyr is situated between the Kyrgyz range and the Suusamyr Too range, on the way (M41) between Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital a


Teleti gorge

One of the gorge of Jeti Oguz valley opening a way to the Karakol valley through its pass at 3780 meter altitude.


Teshik-Kul lake

There are two lake, 1,2 km long and a lower lake 340 meters long.

Toktogul water reservoir
Toktogul water reservoir, by Daniel
Aalam Ordo
Aalam Ordo, by Daniel
Hot Water Springs, Altyn Arashan
Hot Water Springs, Altyn Arashan, by Daniel
Arslanbob waterfall
Arslanbob waterfall, by Daniel
Barskoon waterfall in summer
Barskoon waterfall in summer, by Nomad's Land & Nomad's Asia

Barskoon waterfall

About the Barskoon Waterfall

Chong Kyzyl Suu meteo station
Chong Kyzyl Suu meteo station, by Anina Eggenberger for Nomad's Land

Chong Kyzyl Suu meteo station

The geophysical station in the valley of Chong Kyzyl-Suu was built in 1948 by Germans, who have been captured in Kyrgyzstan.

Jeti Oguz
Jeti Oguz, by Daniel

Jeti Oguz sanatorium

A nice place in the middle of the mountains with beautiful red rocks around it.

Karakitchi coal mine
Karakitchi coal mine, by Daniel
Kumtor valley
Kumtor valley, by Daniel

Kumtor valley

The waters of the river Kumtor come from melting glaciers in the northwest of the mountain range Ak-Shirak.

Oguz Bashi peak
Oguz Bashi peak, by Daniel

Oguz-Bashi glacier

The Oguz Bashi mount is situated at the top of the Jeti Oguz valle and culminates at 5168 meters altitude.

Paterbashik lakes
Paterbashik lakes, by Daniel
Song Kul waterfall
Song Kul waterfall, by Yura Fadeev for Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia

Song Kul waterfall

Song Kul's waterfalls are situated about 10 km from the exit of the Song Kul's lake. There is an easy access from the road to Naryn.

Toez canyon
Toez canyon, by Daniel
Tash Rabat
Tash Rabat, by Daniel

Tash Rabat

The historic-cultural area, which includes the most ancient memorial Tash-Rabat (the 14th century) is situated 110 km to the South from Naryn and n

The Irdyk lake West
The Irdyk lake West, by Nomad's Land Asia

Irdyk lake west

Lake situated in the Terskey Alatoo between the Karakol and Jeti Oguz valleys.

Kyzyl Djar
Kyzyl Djar, by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia

Kyzyl Djar gorge

Kyzyl Djar is also called the red cathedral with large pasture on its top.


Bakaly lake

The smallest lake of Sary-Chelek reserve


Kara-Kudzhur valley

Lost valley linking the Small Naryn valley and Kochkor valley.

Mountains near Sary Bulak, by laura alvarez crespo

Sary Bulak valley

The Sary Bulak valley officially named the Kara-Kudjur valley, link the Kochkor-Naryn Road to the pass of Djalpakbel (3300m. alt.).

Ak-Tash waterfall Naryn
Ak-Tash waterfall Naryn, by Nomad's Land & Nomad's Asia

Ak-Tash waterfall (Naryn)

Just after the city of Naryn on the way to the At-Bashi, the waterfall is situated some km before to arrive on the Kyzyl Bel pass. 

Jashyl Koel
Jashyl Koel, by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia

Jashyl Koel lake

Small lake in the Chong Kemin valley.

Rafting in Chong Kemin river
Rafting in Chong Kemin river, by www.nomadsland.ch

Chong Kemin river

The Chong Kemin River (Kyrgyz: Чоң Кемин дарыясы) is a main river in Kemin District of Chuy Province of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyzyl Oy
Kyzyl Oy, by Daniel

Kekemeren river

The Kekemeren is the biggest river tributary of the Naryn river.

Ak-Kel lake
Ak-Kel lake, by Nomad's Land - Nomad's Asia

Ak-Kel lake

Lost lake in a remoted region of the Naryn Oblast. Situated in the west part of the Moldo Too range and Song Kul's lake.

Koel Toer lake (Kegeti valley)
Koel Toer lake (Kegeti valley), by Alexandra B. for Nomad's Land

Koel Toer lake (Kegeti)

The Koel Toer lake is blocked in the Koel Toer gorge part of the Kegeti valley at the altitude of 2720.

Church in Kyzyl Suu
Church in Kyzyl Suu, by Anina Eggenberger for Nomad's Land

Church of Kyzyl Suu

An old church in the village of Kyzyl Suu. ​

Kumtor mine - Kumtor valley - Issyk Kul Oblast
Kumtor mine - Kumtor valley - Issyk Kul Oblast, by Nomad's Land & Nomad's Asia
Jeti Oguz valley
Jeti Oguz valley, by Daniel

Долина Джети Огуз

The valley Dzheti-Oguz is located on a northern part Terskey Alatoo and stretches to the southern coast of Issyk Kul.


Salty lake

The salty lake is known as a “Dead Lake of Kyrgyzstan”. The lake was opened as a tourist destination in 2001.


Bugu ene

About The Karakol Zoo