If you want to organize your trip yourself , we can put at your disposal vehicles with experienced drivers . We recommend this approach for people who have good knowledge of Russian or Kyrgyz language. You can also rent our vehicles, but we don't recommend it because it is quite difficult to repair these vehicles in the mountainous regions.

We used to accompany photographers, filmmakers, researchers and scientists and travelers exception. So do not hesitate to contact us to arrange your trip shipping throughout Kyrgyzstan .


Traveling in Asia, as elsewhere, it is also faced with unexpected and unpredictable dangers. Be well assured before you leave is an important point of your preparation.

National Games

To the Turkic nomad, a horse is a prized possession, and horsemanship a much-prized skill. Perhaps, therefore, it is not surprising that among the most popular national pastimes, or sports are contests on horseback. Central Asian horses possess such qualities as lightness and good coordination (essential in the mountains). They are exceptionally hearty, will eat almost anything and are not susceptible to sudden changes of weather.  They can endure long-distance marches with the rider.


The history of Mongolia merges with the history of nomadic peoples who populated the steppes of Central Asia.
The sources of the Amur River that forms the border with China and Russia, Mongolia is the heart of the steppes of Central Asia and has often been the starting point of fearsome warriors who, when they were able to unite their tribes pastoralists, have carve out empires, in breaking with their bows and small horses to southern China, and India, and even in Western Europe (Huns of Attila, Bulgarians, Avars, Hungarian framed by Hun aristocracy).

Oasis Cafe & Guesthouse

Guest House

OASIS is a modern and lovely furnished guesthouse with a public cafe/bar area. It opened in January 2006, and has been managed and cared for 7 years by German-Austrian couple Sibylle and Rene Poeschko. However, Oasis is currently under Mongolian Management.

Since May 2013, the german speaking Degi is the managing director. Together with a motivated local staff, they run the family guesthouse with the same international flair of the founding couple.