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Tushoo kesuu - rite of cutting the bonds


Tushoo kesuu is one of the most ancient Kyrgyz family traditions that has survived to this day. Tushoo kesuu is performed when a child turns one year old, when he starts taking his first steps. Since ancient times, it was believed that parents must conduct this ceremony so that the child stands firmly on his feet and he will have a happy future.
On this day, a big feast is organized with magnificent tables, and many guests are invited.


The ritual process:

Parents prepare a special rope of black and white felt, intertwined with each other. The baby's legs are tied with this rope. And arrange a race. The person who runs first gets the main prize and cuts the ropes on the baby's legs with a special knife. And the children who came running first take the child by the hands and help to take the first steps. Usually, they arrange several races, the guests are divided into 3 categories: women, men, and children. Each guest receives a gift.

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7 February 2023

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