NGO "Relict Forests" homestays


The CBT association of Arslanbob name NGO "Relict Forest" offers homestay in houses of members of this ecotourism association. Level of service are different from house to house, but we will choose the best suitable house for your wishes.

Attractions include horseback or trekking trips to the Big or Small Waterfall, agriculture tours with participatory herb-collecting, and hikes to Sacred Mirror Lake and Sacred Stone, important piligrimage sites for Central Asian Muslims. The quickest way to get to the village is by taxi or bus from Jalalabat.

Jakshylyk's home stay


Jakshylyk's homestay is situated in the small village of Kyzyl Tuu. Most of inhabitants of this village are shepherds or farmers. Jakshylyk knows well his region and will welcome you as we do in a traditional hospitable Kyrgyz family. No bed, you may sleep on the floor on Kyrgyz mats. It's also confortable and authentic. We can lodge more than 10 travelers.

Nurgul's Guesthouse


This guesthouse is located in the village of Kyzyl-Suu. The life here is quiet simple, but the houses are comfortable. After a nice, but tiring day, it is best to come here, relax and enjoy the warmth of the house, while drinking a hot tea served with some bread. In the usual Kirgiz style in a lovely atmosphere.   

The guesthouse has 21 places. It has toilets in- and outdoor and a hot shower. As well as a sauna, if you wish something to relax.  

The place is comfortably quiet and the people are very friendly. They do everything just to make you a pleasant stay.