​Epkin is a village not far from Kochkor. It is situated in a beautiful valley. Around the village are different interesting things to see, like a salt mine, kourganes and a small lake.

Ak-Kel lake

Lost lake in a remoted region of the Naryn Oblast. Situated in the west part of the Moldo Too range and Song Kul's lake. The lake is in so remoted region, that the water is full of fishes. The road start from Aral, in the Jumgal district, or from the village of Kyzyl Korgon.

Jakshylyk's home stay


Jakshylyk's homestay is situated in the small village of Kyzyl Tuu. Most of inhabitants of this village are shepherds or farmers. Jakshylyk knows well his region and will welcome you as we do in a traditional hospitable Kyrgyz family. No bed, you may sleep on the floor on Kyrgyz mats. It's also confortable and authentic. We can lodge more than 10 travelers.